Friday, December 16, 2011

Future Media Outlook 2012

From the summary: "Six megatrends will have a pervasive impact in the near future:
  • Smart Data: In an increasingly noisy world, we’ll have to sift, filter and be smarter about what matters.
  • People Platforms: Beyond “true personalization,” they will be socially driven platforms made of algorithms from personal and associated data that people design and tailor themselves.
  • Content Integrity: Pervasive mobile devices, sprawling networks, clouds ,and multi-layered platforms have made it more difficult to detect and address our digital vulnerabilities, drawing us to trusted content sources.
  • Nimble Media: Media is evolving from a set of fixed commodities into an energetic, pervasive medium that allows people to navigate across platforms and through different content narratives.
  • 6th Sense: Extraordinary innovations in mixed reality will change the way we see, hear, taste, touch, smell and make sense of the world — giving us a new and powerful 6th sense.
  • Collaboration: We will harness the power of many in an increasingly conversational and participatory world." Read more