Friday, December 16, 2011

Mandates Can't Alter Facts

Paul Vixie, Danny McPherson, Dan Kaminsky, David Dagon & Steve Crocker, The Hill's Congress Blog, Dec. 14, 2011

From the opinion: “the debate over what we as a society ought to do about online piracy and infringement has gone into the weeds – so much so that bills now pending before both houses of the US Congress (S. 968, PIPA; and H.R. 3261, SOPA) seek to compel American Internet Service Providers to alter fundamentally the way their connected customers access the Domain Name System…This type of mandated filtering is not an American innovation. Strong governments around the world use DNS filtering to signal their displeasure over all kinds of things they don’t like, whether it be untaxed online gambling, or pornography, or political dissent….America does need protection for our artists and investors who create works of value. But America also deserves well-reasoned laws that do more good than harm.” Read more