Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Businesses 'Need to Build Trust' in Online Data

Couch, Paul Pearce. "Businesses 'Need to Build Trust' in Online Data." Inspiresme, June 19, 2012.  

From the article: "For businesses to succeed in a digital economy where data is currency they need to build trust to encourage consumers to share their personal information, a new report concludes. New research into consumer attitudes towards data privacy has revealed that one in three people now regard their personal information as a tradable commodity and that trust in a brand is the main factor in determining whether or not a person is prepared to share their details for marketing purposes.The findings of the research have significant ramifications for brands and digital platform owners that rely on niche and mass marketing for their revenues. The independent study conducted by Future Foundation and published by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) comprises findings of a survey of 1,020 UK adults. Titled Data privacy: What the consumer really thinks the report reveals that the public holds a finely nuanced range of perspectives and a sophisticated level of understanding of the commercial value of their personal information and how it is used by companies." Read more