Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chinese Operators Hope to Standardize a Segmented Internet

Ricknäs, Mikael. "Chinese Operators Hope to Standardize a Segmented Internet." Computerworld, June 18, 2012.

From the article: "A technology draft written by employees at China Mobile and China Telecom and submitted to the Internet Engineering Task Force describes how the Internet could be split into several parts using the Domain Name System and in the process give countries more control over their own segment of the network.

The DNS is one of the key building blocks of the Internet. Its most important task is translating IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to host names, which is done by a distributed system based on one unique root that is used all over the world…

Today, China blocks Internet access to some foreign websites. The goal outlined by the new document is to make it easier and cheaper for countries to create independent root DNS servers and realize Internet autonomy. Today, that is both costly and technically difficult, according to the draft." Read more

See also
Diao, Yuping, et al. "DNS Extension for Autonomous Internet(AIP)," commissioned by the Internet Engineering Task Force, June 13, 2012.