Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Digital Dimension of Healthcare

Halvorson, George, Peter Goldsbrough, Simon Kennedy, James Kent, Karalee Close and Daniel Becker." The Digital Dimension of Healthcare." Report of the Digital Innovation in Healthcare Working Group, Global Health Policy Summit, 2012. 

From the report: "The Internet has changed both the way we live and the way that companies operate. … Business models, economics, and industry boundaries are being reshaped through the formation of new delivery channels, the removal of middlemen and a fall in transaction costs. Companies are exploiting an explosion in data, to deliver customised products and services to much larger customer bases. New platforms have harnessed the “power of the crowd” by tapping into a broader base of intellectual capacity. Consumers have been empowered by more information on price and quality, more choices in products and services, and more voice through review sites and online self-help options.

These forces are bound to benefit health greatly, though those benefits are still at an early stage. Where digital and social media have been adopted in healthcare, they have quickly proved their value in addressing cost, quality and access. The innovations occur in three areas:" Read more