Monday, September 10, 2012

'Techno-Risk - the Perils of Learning and Sharing Everything' from a Criminal Information Sharing Perspective

Sliter, John R. "'Techno-Risk - the Perils of Learning and Sharing Everything' from a Criminal Information Sharing Perspective" (September 9, 2012). 30th Symposium on Economic Crime in Cambridge, England on September 5th, 2012.
From the abstract: "The paper is intended to provoke thought on the use of technology as it pertains to information sharing between the police and the private sector.

As the world edges closer and closer to the convergence of man and machine, the human capacity to retrieve information is increasing by leaps and bounds. We are on the verge of knowing everything and anything there is to know, and literally in the blink of an eye!

This means that police will have the capacity to learn everything about everyone with the only restriction being privacy legislation. But it also means that those involved in immoral, unlawful or illegal activity will have that same capacity and with no such restriction. ‘Bad Brother’ may be far more dangerous than ‘Big Brother!'

The global community requires a secure and credible system to retrieve and assess all of the information ‘generally available to the public.' A system that will strive to keep ‘Big Brother’ in check and ‘Bad Brother’ out, all the while providing a means of alerting citizens to genuine risks or to dangerous people. Such as system would help diffuse the systemic inaccurate and harmful profiling that is often based on rumours and innuendo.

There is an identified public-private partnership opportunity. A chance to work with privacy advocate groups and background checking private companies to define, design and deliver on something that will be of immense benefit to citizens around the globe.
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