Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Broadband Solution to Fiscal Crises

From the article: "After Congress and the White House close the gap between the Democratic and Republican approaches to the “fiscal cliff”, there is another gap that they need to bridge: the gap between how the worlds of technology and government approach the future. 

In the world of tech, the imperative is to deliver goods and services faster, cheaper and better.  In the current policy debate, the government is trying to figure out how to raise more money while also cutting the level of service.  If government were a business, this would be a strategy to expand margin. That’s not bad, but shrinking margins are usually lagging indicators of problems with the top line. For government, the analogy is that if the economy were growing steadily and strongly, then even without recession-inducing tax increases, spending could be more durably directed to commonly desired goals." Read more