Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Clicking With Your Doctor

English, Bella. "Clicking with your doctor.", July 20, 2012.
From the article: "Prodded by the federal government, doctors are replacing their paper files with electronic records. There have been growing pains. As efficient as the technnology is, neither physicians nor patients want a computer screen separating them…. But e-records are only part of e-medicine. Patients are increasingly turning to medical websites and message boards to become “experts” on their own health care. Many expect to keep in e-mail touch with their physicians. And some patients are even involved in home e-monitoring for chronic conditions.

Together, these changes — all of them fueled by our increasing reliance on digital devices — are fundamentally altering the doctor-patient relationship, nudging health care from medical settings into people’s day-to-day lives." Read more