Monday, July 9, 2012

UnitedHealthcare Adds Its Own Blue Button

Miliard, Mike. "UnitedHealthcare Adds Its Own Blue Button." Government Health IT, July 6, 2012.

From the article: "Taking a cue from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, UnitedHealthcare has launched its own Blue Button program, enabling its plan participants to access and print their personal health records (PHRs) with the click of a mouse…. For years, nearly 20 million people who log on to UnitedHealthcare’s health and wellness site ( have had access to a PHR. But officials say the addition of Blue Button to the site will make that access easier, promoting the importance of a PHR and offering users the ability to print their records in either PDF or text formats…. “By the end of 2012, we think as many as 75 million people will have access to their medical information through Blue Button,” …" Read more