Tuesday, October 23, 2012

'Copyright World' and Access to Information: Conjoined Via the Internet

Sebastian, Tania. "'Copyright World' and Access to Information: Conjoined Via the Internet." Journal of Intellectual Property Rights, 17 (2012): 235-242.
From the report: "Access to information, despite wide intellectual acceptance, is still a struggle for many in various quarters of the world. In today’s era there exist constraints in the way information is shared; dividing continents based on the way information is accessible to its people. This paper strives to understand the underpinnings of the accessibility to information in the human rights perspective, with a special mention of the current debate on the accessibility of the Internet on the lines of concepts which constitute emerging access to knowledge coalition. The arguments of the present paper take the following form: it begins with an introduction to the oft-debatable access to information question; goes on to elucidate the view of various scholars on why information needs to be free and extends the aspect of freedom to information to the human rights paradigm; then expounds the activism of ‘access to knowledge’ advocates for access to information; and finally talks about European Union’s legalization of access to information on the internet as a ‘fundamental right’ before the conclusion." Read more