Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Internet Market Model: Don't Fix What's Not Broken - OECD

"Internet Market Model: Don't Fix What's Not Broken - OECD." Cartt.ca, October 22, 2012. 

From the article: "A new OECD report concludes that despite ongoing and future challenges, the existing market model for the Internet has performed remarkably well, boosting growth and competition and driving down prices for data to 100,000 times less than that of a one minute telephone call.

The report, entitled Internet Traffic Exchange Market Developments and Policy Challenges argues that governments should largely take a hands-off approach to regulating the Internet market.

“If a regulatory obligation to interconnect were to be established, then this choice could be imposed unilaterally by one of the parties, which would dramatically change the dynamics of the market. It is extremely unlikely that the efficient outcomes produced so far would be maintained in this environment,” writes the report’s authors Dennis Weller, Bill Woodcock." Read more

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