Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Securing the Future Benefits of Technology

Securing the Future Benefits of Technology." The Guardian Media Network Blog.

From the blog: "Cyberthreats are on the rise and the risk of cyberwar is very real.

But there are no superpowers in cyberspace. In a connected world we are as strong as our weakest link. We can only achieve global solutions through a global framework that promotes – for example – the secured sharing of information and expertise, more effective early warning systems to mitigate cyberrisks, and developing effective resilience across society. The WCIT-12, which is being convened at the request of our 193 member states, will discuss these issues. We have the depth of experience that comes from being the world's longest established intergovernmental organisation and we've been carrying ITU's essential role from the days of the telegraph right through to the modern interconnected world…. Governments and the private sector have complementary roles. Governments shape policy and regulation in consultation with all stakeholders, and the private sector delivers services and infrastructure. Together, ultimately, they implement."  Read more