Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The World in 2050: Deutsche Post DHL Releases a Study on the Future

The World in 2050: Deutsche Post DHL Releases a Study on the Future, press release from Deutsche Post DHL (Plantation, FL, Berlin and Bonn, Germany, February 27, 2012).

From the article: "With its release of the study of the future, "Delivering Tomorrow: Logistics 2050", Deutsche Post DHL is taking a far-reaching look into the future of trade, business and society. The study examines five different scenarios of life in the year 2050. These five visions of the future are based on a detailed analysis of the most critical factors -- including trade and consumption patterns, technological and social trends as well as climate change -- and estimate their probable impact on people's behavior and values in 2050.

The central finding of the study is a comprehensive collection of five credible visions of the future. They outline how different the world could appear in 2050 in terms of the degree of globalization, the extent of economic and social development, predominant technology standards and environmental conditions. The study describes five far-reaching, occasionally radical, versions of life in 2050. All scenarios share a common element: the broadly transformed role of logistics. Overall demand for logistics services does indeed climb in most of the five alternative scenarios. But the particular requirements placed on logistics providers and the special challenges they face vary widely from scenario to scenario." Read more