Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anti-piracy Pact Falters After Protests

From the article: "An anti-piracy agreement reviled by internet freedom campaigners faces delays of over a year after the European Union opted on Wednesday to ask its own courts whether the treaty was in line with European law.The anti-counterfeiting trade agreement, or Acta, is the latest high-profile copyright measure to falter in late stages as a result of concerted opposition campaigns organised on the internet. … Karel De Gucht, the EU’s trade commissioner, said he was referring the trade pact to the European Court of Justice so that it could assess whether Acta was in any way incompatible with EU fundamental rights and freedoms, as campaigners say."  Read more (registration may be required)
See Also
De Gucht, Karel, "Statement by Commissioner Karel De Gucht on ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement)" (press release by the European Union, Brussels, Belgium, February 22, 2012).