Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Researchers Suggest U.S, China Engage on Cyberattack Issues

Sternstein, Aliya. "Researchers Suggest U.S, China Engage on Cyberattack Issues." Nextgov, February 28, 2012.

From the article: "A new report proposes China and the United States discuss taboo hacking topics, such as cyberattacks, to cool cybersecurity relations before the dispute becomes as explosive as global finance.

Unlike many recent accounts condemning China for gross cyber spying, the Brookings Institution paper avoids pointing fingers at either side. In fact, much of the analysis recounts instances of computer sabotage and espionage in other countries, such as Russia allegedly bringing down Estonia's Internet and a Spanish-origin virus that infiltrated more than 12 million computers worldwide. Authors Kenneth G. Lieberthal and Peter W. Singer, both senior fellows at the Washington think tank, plan to distribute a Chinese-language version of the report to the foreign country's policymakers."  Read more

See Also
Lieberthal, Kenneth and Peter W. Singer, Cybersecurity and U.S.-China Relations, report prepared for the 21st Century Defense Initiative and the John L. Thorton China Center at Brookings, February 2012.