Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FCC Commissioner: Ending ICANN Could Lead to "an Engineering Morass"

Fulton, Scott M. III. "FCC Commissioner: Ending ICANN Could Lead to "an Engineering Morass." ReadWriteMobile, February 28, 2012.

From the article: "The man who helped put the issue of possible United Nations oversight of Internet governance back on the radar in the United States, stepped up his rhetoric Tuesday at a speech at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell told the audience that a move back to the regulatory model of the International Telecommunications Union - the UN-sponsored body that Russia and other nations would like to see put in charge - would lead to a nightmare scenario of bureaucracy and multi-government regulation.

But learning a lesson from the SOPA/PIPA debate, this time Comm. McDowell added one more element to the mix: He argued ITU oversight could threaten the way the Internet actually works."  Read more