Monday, February 27, 2012

Why We All Need a Drone of Our Own

Fukuyama, Francis. "Why We All Need a Drone of Our Own." The Financial Times, February 24, 2012.

From the opinion: As the technology becomes cheaper and more commercially available, moreover, drones may become harder to trace; without knowing their provenance, deterrence breaks down. A world in which people can be routinely and anonymously targeted by unseen enemies is not pleasant to contemplate.
Drones have plenty of legitimate uses, in police work, traffic control and farm management. Pressure from these users is why the FAA liberalised its rules, making it a great wild west out there for hobbyists and tinkerers. Only when people start thinking through the nature of a world in which drones are cheap and ubiquitous will they start to get worried. That’s why I want to build mine now, before the government makes them illegal.”  Read more (registration may be required)